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Building the Ultimate Garage

When my wife and I bought our house, a decent garage was not part of the deal.  But I'm sure when our house was built, a one car brick garage was top of the line.  Unfortunately that was in the late Forties and I'm not sure a car from that era would even fit in it.  In retrospect, the old garage was a good thing.  I spend most of my free time working on things and a good garage is essential.  Had we bought a house with a 2 car garage already, I could not have built my own.  While I could have fit a three car on our lot, a 2.5 car gave me just enough space without taking over our entire yard.  

The Original Garage

This is the garage that Kerrigan Built

I spent an entire summer talking about what would make the perfect garage, a good workshop, place to work on projects, hide from the wife, restore cars and motorcycles, and other garage type stuff. At the end of the summer I thought I was ready with plan in hand and started calling the local garage builders. My friend Pat had laid out some building specs for a 2.5 car garage. I called the local garage builders and asked them for a quote. I got presentations about European Craftsmen, hand-picked lumber, quality vinyl siding, and a lot of other junk you would expect from a used car salesman. I showed Pat the quotes and told him the stories, he crossed his arms and started shaking his head. A few weeks later I ran into Pat and he said "I want to build your garage." We talked a little bit and a few weeks later, we started. Not only did Pat build a garage that would make most men drool, but we ended up with a brick paver driveway as well. Thanks for all of your help Pat.

The Process

Step 1 - Demolition
Step 2 - Concrete
Step 3 - The Driveway
Step 4 - Framing
Step 5 - Roof
Step 6 - Siding
Step 7 - Outside Finished
Step 8 - Epoxy Floor

Proposed floorplan of the garage inside Epoxy Floor Installation
Updated 3/14/05 floorplans of the garage inside
Garage cabinet layout
Pictures of the garage in progress
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